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Buy albuterol inhaler. When should women go to the doctor? The ideal time to have an asthma attack, whether you have a mild or severe, is before you exercise. For many women, having a severe asthma attack can be debilitating—for example if you have asthma at the age of 50, you may be able to exercise without any symptoms. If severe asthma attacks are an ongoing problem for you, consider seeing a doctor. What types of asthma attacks are a problem? Asthma is a group of diseases that cause shortness or difficulty breathing as your airways become clogged with mucus, dust, or other debris. Asthma attacks range from minor to severe. Asthma attacks can be sudden, like a sneezing fit, or they can be recurring, like chest congestion. What causes asthma attacks in women? A mother with asthma who has a healthy baby may not have enough of her mucus to pass out of her lungs. The result is an asthma attack, when mucus accumulates in her lungs and she has difficulty breathing. If you have asthma, you're more likely to have a severe asthma attack and an may happen more often than if you don't have asthma. asthma, asthma may become less chronic or even disappear. Women who've had a severe asthma attack may be more likely to develop an asthma attack in the future. An asthma attack that doesn't go away may be caused by another medical condition, including: Heart disease High blood pressure Smoking Hormone deficiencies Stress What are the symptoms of an asthma attack? If you have albuterol buy online australia asthma may need to breathe through a special mask or asthma inhaler. While you're breathing through the mask, you may have: A rapid, weak breath A sense of air tightness Wheezing sounds A sore throat Sneezing or cough A sensation that your lungs are blocked How common are Asthma Attacks for Women? Asthma attacks are more common in women than men. the United States, about 21 to 30% of women have asthma, buy albuterol uk compared with approximately 6 to 8% of men. Your asthma attack can affect quality of life, but it won't buy albuterol pills uk last more than a week, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This doesn't mean you can't recover. Allergy treatments in the emergency room are available and can take away the most severe attacks. A combination of medication, special inhalers and/or a mask will also reduce or even prevent severe asthma attacks. If you experience a severe asthma attack or shortness of breath, call 911 right away, your doctor, a doctor's office, or 911. Your asthma emergency room team can help you keep going and get treatment for your asthma.

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